A Glossary of Islamic Terms


This book is a repository of Islamic information, knowledge and wisdom, which not only the general reader but also both student and teacher alike will find indis-pensable. As well as having its own Alphabetical Index, the main body of the book is divided into several Key Sections including General and Historical Terms, the Qur’an, Tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh, Kalam and Sufism. As well as presenting a key vocabulary of revelant terminology, each section also provides details of key texts,authors and people. This makes it possible for readers to go straights to a particu-lar field or topic without having to pick their way through material not directly rel-evant to their enquiry, as well as pointing them in the likely direction of further and more detailed research. Although knowledge is an ocean without a shore, the key terminology in this concise yet complete work is bound to assist any genuine seeker to navigate a sure and steady course, insha’llah.

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