A Gift for the Bereaved Parent


The loss of a child is probably the most painful experience a parent can go through. It is at such times of deep sorrow and grief that people often turn to their faith. This book has been written to address this need from the Islamic perspective using quotes from the Qur’an and Ahadith. In addition, the author has drawn from her experience as a Muslim Chaplain at a children’s hospital to clarify some of the questions and confusion that a bereaved Muslim parent may ask or feel.

A Gift for the Bereaved Parent gives permission to be human whilst offering comfort, healing and gentle encouragement through the grief. It is a guide and companion to be turned to again and again.This booklet is a part of “Red Balloon Resources”: Support in Multi-faith and Cultural Paediatric Health, Palliative and Bereavement Care. Further copies and information about other resources are available from the Project director, Paul Nash, rbr@bch.nhs.uk All profits go towards the ongoing support of children, families and staff in Paediatric Health, Palliative and Bereavement Care.

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ISBN 13: 978-1-84200-117-2
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 56
Size: 150 x 153

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